Decorating On A Budget: Five Inexpensive And Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating the chapel for a wedding can be fun, but if you are on a budget, it can also be expensive. Luckily, there are lots of fun and easy ways you can decorate a wedding chapel for your nuptials, regardless of your budget constraints. To get your creativity flowing, here are some budget-friendly wedding decor options to consider: 1. Naturally Beautiful Chapel The setting you select for your wedding can have as large of an impact as the decorations you select. [Read More]

The Song Of Wedding Success: Remember This One Rule When You Hire Your DJ

By the time you finish hiring caterers, waiters, DJs and singing duos, you may begin to feel like a small company or a matrimonial human resources department. Take a cue from corporate life to ensure a smooth, high-functioning event is the end result of all that effort. Follow this one rule: Manage your managers. That's it. That's the only rule. Here are a few ways to put it into practice as you tie the knot: [Read More]

Friends Came First: Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts That Remind Your Girls Of Lasting Friendship

Bridesmaids are always the closest friends, sisters or sisters-in-law-to-be to the bride. As the bride, these ladies have been with you a long time, and know you as well as your new husband. Although your wedding is a happy occasion, and your bridesmaids are probably very happy for you, they might be a little sad, too. Getting married marks the end of an era of wild, single lady fun. There are several gifts you can give your bridesmaids, but none are quite as personal as these personalized items. [Read More]