Talking About Wedding Planning Options

Crazy And Cool Wedding Ideas

If you want to make your wedding super memorable, then you should have it in a really unique place. What that is depends on your style. Do you want extravagant, campy, or adventurous?

Well, here are a bunch of ideas to get you started.

Get Married In Venice, Without Going To Italy!

If you think that gondolas are romantic, then what would be better then to be married while floating down a canal in a gondola with your beloved? You say you don't have the budget to fly to Venice, but that's no problem. If you're in Vegas, you can have a wedding at the famous gondola attraction. The interior of the casino has been made to look like the streets of Venice. You can have your guests in other gondolas, or they can watch from the sidelines.

Get Married In A Castle

This is for the romantics who dream of old world chivalry and extravagance. Castles used to be reserved for the rich and powerful. Nowadays, however, many castles are rented out to people for many uses, including weddings. While most castles are in Europe, there are castles in the United States. Granted, they are not as old as their European counterparts, but they look like the real thing. If you're not willing to travel all the way to Europe, your best bet is to look for castle hotels in the United States. Here is a good news story about them.

Get Married Underwater

This one's for the daredevils. You can get married underwater if you are scuba certified. If you love diving, then why not incorporate it into your wedding? A lot of people who do this end up going to Hawaii. However, even if you don't want to leave a land locked state such as Nevada, you can still get married underwater. In the case of a landlocked state, you will be getting married in a giant aquarium. This actually can be more beautiful than going under the ocean waves in Hawaii. The ocean style weddings might not have the concentration of fish than an aquarium wedding has. An aquarium will have lots of exotic fish swimming all around you. You could even choose a shark aquarium if you want extra excitement.

Get Married By Elvis!

This one's for the Elvis fanatic. You can get married by the King himself. These weddings have become so popular that people who never even listened to Elvis love them. They are fast, super convenient, and really fun. If you're planning a quick, even a spur-of-the-moment wedding, and are afraid that you can't have a memorable ceremony, then fret no more. The Elvis wedding is your best friend. They supply the witnesses, arrange for flowers, and even film the whole ceremony and give you a dvd so you can treasure it forever. Click here to visit these guys.