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Tips For Holding Your Wedding Reception Outdoors

If you and your fiance are outdoor lovers, it makes sense that you'd hold your wedding reception outside. You'll have no shortage of outdoor venues from which to choose, especially if your wedding is taking place in spring, summer, or early fall. Book the outdoor space as soon as possible if you're planning a June or July wedding, the busiest time of the year for weddings. 

No matter what type of wedding reception you're dreaming of, from the most casual to the swankiest of soirees, an outdoor event venue will be appropriate. With the right decorations and logistics, such as seating elements, you can transform any space into your own personal party place for the night.

Here are some additional tips and ideas for holding a wedding reception at an outdoor venue:

1. Beach 

Beaches provide the perfect romantic backdrop for saying "I do" and celebrating with your friends and loved ones all day or night. Whether you hold the reception at a local lake beach or an ocean beach that you have to travel to, it's sure to be a memorable nuptial spot. 

After reserving the beachfront, you'll need to consider the logistics, such as renting an event tent in case of inclement weather. A tent will also provide much-needed shade for your guests on particularly hot and sunny days. A tent may also help protect food and drinks from pests and other natural elements. 

If you'd like to play music or serve alcoholic beverages during the reception, check with the city ahead of time to see if a permit is required, or if it's even allowed. When it comes to the menu, consider serving finger foods and small plates, which will be easy for guests to eat as they mix and mingle on the beach.

2. Backyard 

If you're holding your reception in a friend's backyard or the backyard of a private venue, such as a museum or winery, you can make the space your own for the day with the right touches. Similar to a beach venue, consider if you'll need to erect an event tent in the yard. Not only will it protect from elements but it will also provide some privacy from neighbors or other local businesses. 

If the backyard has a grill, take advantage of it when preparing the guests' meals. You can either make the food onsite yourself or hire a local caterer or restaurant to do it for you. When it comes to decor, wrap elegant white string lights around trees, railings, and posts to create plenty of romantic ambiance throughout the night. Solar-powered or LED-lit lanterns will also give the yard a soft glow. 

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