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Decorating On A Budget: Five Inexpensive And Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating the chapel for a wedding can be fun, but if you are on a budget, it can also be expensive. Luckily, there are lots of fun and easy ways you can decorate a wedding chapel for your nuptials, regardless of your budget constraints. To get your creativity flowing, here are some budget-friendly wedding decor options to consider:

1. Naturally Beautiful Chapel

The setting you select for your wedding can have as large of an impact as the decorations you select. The first part of any beautiful wedding ceremony should be your chapel.

Luckily, there are a range of options available, and regardless of what appeals to you, you should be able to find anything from cathedrals with lofty ceilings and stained glass windows to small, simple and intimate chapels.

2. Candles

While flowers are typically popular at most weddings, they can also be expensive. Save the flowers for your bouquets and lapels, but use candles for the rest of your decor.

Tea light candles, in particular, are extremely inexpensive. However, they look beautiful and as long as your wedding is less than an hour or so long, these little candles will burn brightly through it.

3. Potluck Plants

If you prefer to have plants or flowers at your ceremony rather than or in addition to candles, consider doing it potluck style. Ask every person who comes to the wedding to bring a plant - the plant can be a gift, and after the ceremony, you can take the plants out of the chapel and let them adorn your new marital home.

Alternatively, you can have just a few friends bring plants that you can borrow for the occasion.

4. Natural Arrangements

Consider decorating your wedding chapel with free natural elements. Collect what surrounds you - if you live in the mountains, use pine cones and ribbons to decorate the wedding chapel, but if you live near the ocean, use seashells.

If you like, you could even use natural objects found in places you and your partner have visited throughout your courtship.

5. Holiday Lights

Twinkly lights can also help to decorate your wedding chapel, especially for an evening wedding. You can buy strands of twinkly lights to hang in the wedding chapel, or you can save even more money by borrowing strands from friends. You can use any color, but for a sophisticated look, stick with white lights rather the colored ones.

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