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Friends Came First: Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts That Remind Your Girls Of Lasting Friendship

Bridesmaids are always the closest friends, sisters or sisters-in-law-to-be to the bride. As the bride, these ladies have been with you a long time, and know you as well as your new husband. Although your wedding is a happy occasion, and your bridesmaids are probably very happy for you, they might be a little sad, too. Getting married marks the end of an era of wild, single lady fun. There are several gifts you can give your bridesmaids, but none are quite as personal as these personalized items.

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

These bracelets are very popular right now. Jewelry stores sell a couple of different brands, with sterling silver charms and circular beads. You can personalize these bracelets by adding a friendship charm, a bead charm to match the bridesmaid dresses, and even an engravable charm on which you could inscribe something heartfelt or memorable.

Monogrammed Silk Scarves or Handkerchiefs 

If one or more of your best friends/bridesmaids has a habit of sobbing uncontrollably at happy occasions, then maybe providing all of your attending ladies with a monogrammed handkerchief is not such a bad idea. Rather than pass around a package or box of facial tissue, your girls could use their handkerchiefs to keep their tears in check. If they are not the crying sort, monogrammed silk scarves are a nice addition to their wedding attire.

Personalized Gifts Often Reserved for Men

The typical gifts given to groomsmen from the groom can be given by the bride to her bridesmaids as well. Sometimes it is a tongue-in-cheek thing to give your bridesmaids silver flasks, and sometimes it is symbolic of the strength and the bond you share. However you look at it, do not discount the "men's" gifts as something to give your bridesmaids either the day before the wedding, or the day of the wedding.

More Deeply Personal Gifts

Instead of the typical bridesmaid gifts, maybe you would want something that really connects you to each of your bridesmaids on a truly personal note. Often this is something symbolic of a moment in your friendship when you knew you absolutely could not spend the rest of your life without each of these ladies in it. It could also be something that triggers a memory for you and your bridesmaids, like that thing that happened in Las Vegas that no one else will ever know about. Those kinds of gifts are sometimes the most personalized bridesmaid gifts of all.