Talking About Wedding Planning Options

Create A Wedding Ceremony That Is Unique And Special To You

You might be in the midst of planning your wedding ceremony and think that there are certain things about a traditional ceremony that just don't appeal to you. Do you have to walk down the aisle with your father? Do you have to have a floral bouquet? There are many traditions involved in a wedding that might not suit your personality.

Instead of following what other couples do, you can make your wedding as unique and special as you want it to be. There are no rules that your wedding must be like thousands of others. Here are some ways to help create a wedding ceremony that is unique and special to you.

Find The Right Officiant

While you need to have an officiant at your wedding, it doesn't have to be a minister or priest who marries you. Instead of picking an officiant that you just don't connect with, pick one that you like or that you have a special connection with.

You can certainly choose the minister from your church if you connect well with them, or you can choose your best friend, aunt or uncle, sister or brother, or another family member or friend who has a special bond with you.

If they aren't already an officiant, they can become ordained on the internet so they can marry you.

Exchange Another Piece Of Jewelry

While it's traditional to exchange rings during a wedding, there are many people who don't like to wear them or even can't wear one due to an allergy or problems with their fingers. Just because most people use an exchange of rings to signify that they are a married couple doesn't mean that you have to use one for your own wedding.

You could substitute some other piece of jewelry that you know you would wear instead. For example, you could exchange a pendant necklace or a bracelet between you. These pieces of jewelry can have a special charm or pendant that was handcrafted for you by an artist or one that you picked out that means something to you both.

Use A Unity Ritual

Many weddings use unity rituals to signify that two people are coming together as one family. This can be lighting a large candle from two smaller ones or pouring sand into a large vase of different colors. You can be creative in how you do your unity ritual. You can have a handfasting, where your hands are tied together using a rope or ribbon.

You can also create a memory box with messages you have written to each other on this day that you place into a box to open at a later date. You can also have friends and family write messages to you as well. The point is, you can create a unique and special ritual that means something to you.

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