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Should You Have An Elopement Or An Intimate Wedding?

Do you want a small set of nuptials with only your closest friends and family? Then you may be considering either an elopement or an intimate wedding. Which is right for you and your partner? Both choices have benefits and drawbacks, and your approach will have a big impact on your overall memories of the big day. Here are a few questions to help you decide between the two. 

1. How Large Is Your Venue? 

One of the biggest determining factors is the venue you want to use. Both intimate weddings and true elopements generally use smaller, less traditional venues. But an intimate wedding has a larger guest list than an elopement, so it needs more space. Because elopements can be pared down to just a handful of participants, you can have one anywhere. 

2. Do You Want the Trappings?

One key difference between elopements and mini-weddings is what happens after the nuptials. A very small wedding is simply a scaled-down version of a standard-size wedding, so you'll have the reception, cake cutting, toasts, first dance, and more. Elopements end after the couple says their vows. While you may head off for a meal or a getaway, the reception is skipped. Is this what you want? 

3. Do You Want Intimacy or Spontaneity?

Originally, couples who eloped did so under a veil of secrecy. While you don't have to run away from home to get hitched, eloping still takes on an air of spontaneity, excitement, and adventure. Couples often want to feel like they're throwing caution to the wind. An intimate wedding, on the other hand, is just as carefully choreographed as a large wedding — but simply a lot smaller and more personal.  

4. Where Do You Want to Save?

As mentioned, eloping generally means just holding the ceremony itself. That saves significant amounts of cash since the reception and meal are some of the biggest wedding costs. You can then put that money into things like a better venue, photographer, or bridal gown. But don't skip elements you want simply to have a bigger dress. It's important to decide where your financial priorities are and choose accordingly. 

5. What Access Do You Need?

Every wedding has some practical requirements. If you plan to serve food, for instance, you'll need caterers, a place to put the food, and tables for dining. Using outside vendors? They'll need to park and move supplies. Wearing a long train? You may not be able to easily climb rocks or hike into the forest. Be practical and consider all the access points needed to create your vision. 

Where to Start

How can you make the best decision between these wedding day styles? Start by learning more about both elopements and intimate weddings. Meet with an elopement wedding planner in your area today to learn everything you need to know.

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