Talking About Wedding Planning Options

Do You Really Need To Go Big? 4 Reasons Why A Small Wedding Is Right For You.

As you and your fiancé start looking for a wedding venue to book, you'll quickly realize that there's one detail that will make or break your decision: How many guests are you inviting to your wedding and reception?  In order to gain flexibility in your wedding planning while preserving your wedding budget, many couples are opting for smaller-scale weddings. Below are some good arguments as to why a smaller wedding might be right for you. 

Far More Flexibility in Booking Your Venue Date

Booking your venue date is one of the most important details of handling your wedding. However, it's also rife with considerations. It's challenging to make sure that you can book your venue on a date when everyone invited to the wedding can actually show up. By planning a small-scale wedding, you'll greatly increase your chances that you'll be able to coordinate schedules. This means that you can book your wedding venue with far more flexibility in your dates.  Not only will you gain flexibility in booking a date when you plan a smaller wedding, but you'll also have more flexibility regarding the time of day that you book the venue, hours of operation not withstanding. 

Avoid Blowing Out Your Wedding Venue Budget

Another concern that comes with planning larger-scale weddings is booking a wedding venue that's ample enough to accommodate all of the guests. Needless to say, this concern eats a huge chunk out of your wedding budget. But when you scale back on your guest list, then you can also scale back on the size you'll require for your venue. And all of this saves you money, money that you can save or divert into other expenses

Smaller Crowd, More Entertainment Selection Choices

Here's another reason why a smaller wedding might be right for you: You'll enjoy more entertainment choices to select from. Typically, when a couple is selecting an entertainment vendor, they have to make sure that their choice of entertainment appeals to as many different personalities and age groups as possible. That can become a hassle, real quick!  But when you and your fiancé plan a smaller wedding, then you simply won't have as many different people to please or worry about offending! You'll enjoy more flexibility in their choice of entertainment vendors, 

Fewer Concerns About the Handling of Food and Beverages

Another huge consideration for selecting a wedding reception venue is whether or not the venue can accommodate the handling of food and beverages. Specifically, some venues offer refrigeration, some offer full-scale kitchens, while others offer no food or beverage accommodations. If you're planning a large wedding, then this leaves lots of venues off of your list, unless you're only serving cake and punch.  But when you plan a smaller wedding, then you're not under so much pressure to completely feed a crowd. You can select an entire venue or a room within the venue that's right for your crowd and your budget. 

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