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Planning A Winter Wedding? 3 Wedding Dress Trends

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times. Not only do you need to select a theme and a venue, but you also need to choose when you will have the wedding. Today, many couples are choosing to marry in the winter months for different reasons. While it can create a beautiful and elegant backdrop for your wedding, winter can be difficult to dress for. This guide will give you a few trends to consider when choosing your gown for a winter wedding.

Blouson Sleeves

Brides who have spring and summer weddings tend to choose sleeveless gowns. However, sleeveless can be challenging during the colder temperatures of winter, but you do have options that are not only functional but also stylish.

Blouson sleeves are incredibly trendy because they allow brides to cover their arms but in a sexy and stylish way. The blouson design enhances the look of the wedding gown, giving the bride an almost artistic and contemporary look.

Consider a gown that shows off the neckline slightly with large and airy blouson sleeves for cover and a bit of protection from the cold winter temperatures.


Another trendy option to consider for your winter wedding gown is simply adding a cape. Many brides will forego the traditional veil and opt for a lace or silk cape that is worn off the shoulders instead of off the head.

The light material provides some cover while still adding a romantic feel to the bride's look.

If you prefer more cover, especially when leaving from and arriving at the wedding and the reception, consider a heavier cape made out of lined silk, satin, or even fur.

High-Low Gowns

When most people think of wedding gowns, they think of long dresses with a delicate bust that shows off a bride's neckline. Today, this traditional look is not your only option, especially when planning a wedding in colder seasons.

A high-low gown may be a better option for your winter wedding.

Characterized by a shorter skirt and long sleeves, the high-low gown adds a modern and unique twist to your wedding style. Of course, the long sleeves provide you with some cover from the cool temperatures. When paired with a hose, the short skirt will be beautiful and warm, as well.

A winter wedding can be a great option if you want whimsy and elegance on your special day. These trends can help you align with the beautiful winter theme without dealing with frigid temperatures. For more information, reach out to a dress shop like The Steel Magnolia