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Ways To Prevent People From Getting Too Much Sun At Your Beach Wedding

Getting married on the beach provides a beautiful backdrop for your special day and gives people a chance to enjoy a variety of beach activities, in the days before and after the wedding. One of the challenges that you'll face with a beach wedding is ensuring that your guests don't get too hot. No one wants a wedding at which someone passes out from the heat, but there are fortunately a variety of strategies that you and those who run the wedding venue can employ to make sure that this doesn't happen. Here are some effective ways to prevent your guests from getting too much sun at your beach wedding.

Choose The Right Time

The idea of getting married at noon or shortly thereafter might initially be appealing to you, but the fact that the temperature is frequently hottest at these times of the day can be a challenge. Depending on where you're getting married and the time of the year of your wedding, a midday ceremony on the beach may be uncomfortably hot. Talk to those who work at the venue to learn about what time might be best for your ceremony. You should think about choosing a time that will be more conducive to your guests' comfort. For example, a morning or late-afternoon ceremony will likely be a better choice.

Offer Some Shelter

While you might like the idea of the ceremony taking place in the middle of the beach with no shelter to get in the way, you should still have a plan for providing shelter to your guests. For example, if you ask the venue to set up a tent just a short distance from the ceremony space — perhaps for the meal afterward — you can feel confident that your guests will use it for some reprieve from the sun, when they need it. This is better than them sitting or standing in the full sun before, during, and after the wedding ceremony.

Encourage Casual Attire

Although a lot of people favor casual attire for beach weddings, there are still some couples who want their guests to dress formally. This poses a problem, on a hot day, because formal attire tends to be hot. For example, a man who is wearing a black suit on the beach is going to be much more uncomfortable than someone who is wearing loose khaki pants and an untucked top. Make sure that your guests know that you want them to wear casual attire — this could even include sunhats and umbrellas for some people as a way of staying comfortable in the heat.

Of course, you can always choose another sort of venue, altogether, if you feel that it would be simpler. In this case, contact a venue like Mystical Rose Gardens, LLC.