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How To Avoid Surprises With An Island Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding is one of the most beautiful options you can choose. Imagine saying "I do" to a beautiful backdrop such as a tropical beach. However, there are many differences between destination wedding services and conventional weddings that a bride and groom might be surprised at. 

Know What the Vendors Are Capable Of

Know what to expect with vendors before you attend a destination wedding. Some vendors will not perform any tastings, while other vendors might charge a fee. Also, depending on the destination, it may be more difficult for vendors to offer certain types of meals. If there is a food item that you absolutely must have at your wedding, make sure that the vendor will be able to provide it. Also, know exactly what flowers will be available at your location.

Destination weddings require that you plan ahead more. You will not want to make decisions in the last minute because you may not be able to find the necessary supplies. Some supplies might need to be shipped to the destination, so have arrangements for this. Know what the local vendors have in stock. However, you might not need to do much with a destination wedding since the surroundings add enough on their own.

Don't Expect As Many Guests

At destination weddings, you can typically expect your guest list to be smaller. The cost of travel and the need to take time off to travel to a destination will cause more guests to be forced to apologize and say that they can't make it. Traveling to a destination might not appeal to everyone and may stop those who were on the fence about attending. However, this might also make it less expensive to have a destination wedding, since you won't have to pay for as many guests.

Don't Schedule Too Much

One of the best perks of a destination wedding is that guests will likely have activities they would like to engage in. They will want to see the sights and sounds. You don't have to worry about planning activities as much with a destination wedding. It can be treated more like a vacation. When you do plan a wedding event, try to limit it to one per day.

Life typically moves at a slower pace on an island, hence the term "island time." While you may have to wait longer for some services, you may also enjoy the slow pace of island life.