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3 Tips For Working With Your Wedding DJ When You Have A Specific Vision

If you have a really specific vision for your wedding, it is crucial that you work closely with your DJ so that you are able to create the ambiance that you are looking for at your banquet hall. Here are four tips that will you with this process.

Tip #1: Create A Written Playlist For The Big Moments

To start with, you want to make sure that your DJ knows what music you want played during the big moments of your wedding. The music will help create the ambiance that will carry the moment. Here is an exhaustive list of special wedding moments that you should create a specific playlist for and share with your DJ:

  • Reception:
    • Couple's Entrance Song
    • First Dance
    • Father & Daughter Dance
    • Mother & Son Dance
    • Cake Cutting Song
    • Bouquet Song
    • Garter Toss Song
    • Last Dance

These are the very specific events you should have music planned for during your reception. Make sure that you share this list with your DJ well in advance, so they can make sure that they have the right music for these moments.

Tip #2 Create A General Music Playlist For Different Time-Periods

Next, make sure that you create a general playlist for the larger periods of time during the reception in between all of the big moments. For these moments, you may want to provide a large list of songs, or just let your DJ know what genre or types of music you want them to play during these time periods. If you want the ambiance to change throughout the night, make sure that you make that clear via your secondary playlist.

Here are the areas of time where you need to create a larger general music playlist:

  • Cocktail Music Before Couple Arrives
  • Cocktail Music After Couple Arrives
  • Dinner Music
  • After-Dinner Party Music

Tip #3: Create A "Do Not Play" List

If there are specific songs or styles of music that you know you absolutely do not want played at your wedding, you need to let your DJ know. Don't just tell your DJ; provide them with a written list of songs and types of music that you don't want played. That way, if someone makes a request, your DJ can make sure that you will like the music that was requested.

Make sure that you work with your DJ so that they know exactly what special songs you want played during big moments, and what type of music you want to fill the air in between those big moments. Be sure to not just tell your DJ this information, make sure that you provide this information in writing to your DJ.