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Creating An Amazing Flower Wedding Banner

Wedding flowers are an important part of any wedding and one of the most unique ways you can use them is to make a flower wedding banner. This banner will use gorgeous flowers to spell out a loving message that can hang from anywhere in the reception area. Here's how you can make yours.

Choose Your Favorite Colors And Flowers

When choosing the flowers and the colors you want to include in your banner, it is worth considering ones that are symbolic of love and marriage. For example, red signifies love and passion, so red roses and red tulips would be appropriate. Colors like yellow and orange represent happiness and joy, making marigolds and sunflowers a good choice as well.

Other flowers that indicate love include lilacs (first love) and Casablanca (which represent celebration and excitement). Take some time to look through various flower catalogs and find flowers that look great together and will be easy to work with when making your banner.

Use Graph Paper To Design

People often just start gluing flowers to their banner paper without a plan, which could lead to mistakes like running out of flowers or running out of space on the banner. Instead, you should use graphing paper to help make the process easier. Each section of the graph can represent one flower or one foot of blank area. Measure off an area on your graphing paper that is roughly the size of your banner to make it accurate.

Now use markers or crayons to color in the squares of the graphing paper with the appropriate flower color to spell out the words you want to include on the banner. Great choices include the names of the bride and groom and a simple message, such as "True Love Forever."

Creating The Banner

Try to make your wedding banner the day of the wedding so the flowers are fresh and not dry and brittle. This will require a few hours, so plan ahead to make sure you give yourself enough time to do it. It's probably best to do it right at the wedding reception hall to avoid transporting it unnecessarily. It should hang somewhere visible, such as above the doorway.

Use your graphing paper design as a guide as you carefully glue your flowers directly to the banner paper. Try to use appropriate glue, such as botanical glue or even school glue, to hold the flowers to the paper. Use just a few dabs on the back side of the flower and press it gently to the paper using a toothpick. Let it dry, and then hang the banner with ropes or string.

With this banner, people will remember this reception as being one filled with beauty and wonderful designs. Integrate wedding flowers into other design ideas to create even more exciting looks.